Doreen Peiris

Just as much as good wine needs no bush, so is the author, Late Doreen Peiris who needs no introduction to those interested in he culinary art of this Country.

She was well-known in Moratuwa, where she conducted cookery classes as far back as 1955.

She learnt the finer points pertaining to the art of cookery, under Late Cecile de Vos at Newstead Girls’ College, Negombo. However, she acquired the basic knowledge and the firm foundation from her mother, Late Adlene Mendis, whom she referred to with pride as her only ‘Cookery Instructress’.

In compiling‚ ‘A Ceylon Cookery Book’, she spared no trouble to make it as comprehensive as possible. The instructions given by her are so very clear that the recipes could be followed even by beginners. She had also included basics such as the method of preparing chilli powder and curry powder. By doing so she had made the task of cooking, enjoyable, interesting and time saving and not a drudgery.

Her vision in compiling this book was to offer her contribution towards the society in establishing a ‘happy home’ with tasty & palatable food.

The dishes prepared following her instructions had always satisfied the taste buds of the modern family.


Doreen Peiris

The Country’s first Professional Cookery Instructress and the pioneer in Cookery Education for Housewives


Late Adlene Mendis

The only ‘cookery Instructress’ of the author. A humble housewife who amassed a wealth of authentic Ceylonese cookery knowledge from her earlier generation in late 1800’s, gifted the author-her daughter with a natural flair for culinary art and formed the foundation of the author’s culinary capabilities. She originated the idea of a ‘happier home’ with the preparation of delicious meals.


Late Ouida Aponso (nee Peiris)

A 3rd generation cookery specialist, dedicated her life as cookery instructress and became a cookery demonstrator of fine repute. She carried forward her mother’s mission and conducted cookery classes in Moratuwa for many years training many Sri Lankan girls in culinary art until her untimely demise. Edited the 6th Edition of the book. She shared mutually rewarding professional relationship with her mother and was a source of success to her mother’s cookery career.


Late Cecile de Vos

A dedicated teacher, a self made cookery specialist and former Principal, Newstead Girls’ College, Negombo, who passionately pioneered  the introduction of ‘Home Science’ as a subject to the Sri Lankan school curriculum. She guided the author as her Home Science teacher and provided a sound culinary grounding in school and was a source of inspiration in formation of the author’s vision.