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“A Ceylon Cookery Book” – is the native cookery book with the highest circulation among homes in the Island and among Sri Lankan communities living overseas. It is written to help preserve the preparation of authentic and truly Sri Lankan recipes.  It is meant to suit the changing economic conditions of the modern era, where many a housewife will have to find solutions in facing the domestic-aid problem and ensure homes are filled with happiness.

The book generously gives out some invaluable Hints for preparing recipes, secretively held Preliminaries, various preparations of Meats, Sea Food, Vegetables & Pulses, Pickles, Salads & Sambols, Cakes, Desserts & Sweets, Short Eats, Soups, Sri Lankan Sweet Meats & Breakfast Dishes and Drinks.

All the recipes are authentic, formulated, tried and tested by the Author herself for daily use in Sri Lankan homes. A number of well suited menu suggestions for special occasions, when hosting vegetarian and daily meals have been included to help especially the amateur.



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Sri Lankan Sweetmeats

Sri Lankan Sweetmeats

Cakes & Sweets

Cakes & Sweets

Meat Dishes

Meat Dishes

Sri Lankan Lunch Table

Sri Lankan Lunch Table


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As with any book of recipes, those given here are basic, and most of them are capable of variations according to the taste and imaginations of the cook. As far as possible I have given exact quantities of condiments and the recipes are tested. Perhaps when tasting the food cooked to the recipes give


I was about to give up in despair when good fortune led me to the author of this book. She gave me courage and inspiration. She proved to me that anyone who wants to cook, can cook. All that is expected of one is a knowledge of basic English. I found the instructions crystal clear. There was no need


To the memory of my beloved grandmother, Late Doreen Peiris, who edited the first edition of this cookery book in 1964 and to the memory of my aunt, Late Ouida Aponso (nee Peiris), who edited the sixth edition with some modifications and additions. To both of them for their untiring efforts in in

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